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Enhance the identification and visibility of hoses, particularly in low visibility firefighting conditions with SEE-ITS™  Flexible Identification Hose Collars (U.S. Pat. No.6,079,135).

During emergency situations, fire hoses must be easily identified. These durable, flexible collars increase fire hose visibility with its enhanced reflective properties.  SEE-ITS™ Hose Collars are easy to attach and remove from any flexible hose whether under pressure or stored in a flattened condition.  SEE-ITS™ Hose Collars have been designed with friction material that prevents slippage.  When safety is an important issue, SEE-ITS™ Flexible Identification Hose Collars (U.S. Patent) helps in making equipment more visible; ultimately contributing to the prevention of accidents, injuries, and property damage. Go to MENU


FlHigh Visibility Hose Collars

  • For use in firefighting hose identification
  • Visibility during night operations
  • Made with flame resistant material
  • Designed to grip canvas and rubber hoses
  • Added safety for identifying petroleum, fuel, and chemical dispensing hoses

  SEE-ITS™ Flexible Identification Hose Collars (U.S. Patent).


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